• Passion for insight

    Why this passion for the Froton, psychology or philosophy?


    I’m not sure.  It’s like in me that I constantly observe what’s going on around me, so also in humanity.  And the logic result is to do something about all that suffering.  This, I’m sure, is not necessary (it doesn’t need to be).  So I’m convinced that, if we can resolve some misconceptions – a wrong conception of what life really is – humanity can start to recover.


    Is this world now so bad?


    Do you like what you see?  The point is not for example if it’s better now or worse than it was before.  If you like what you see or feel now, hold it there.  If you don’t like it, or a part of it, take it seriously to look after what you can do about it.  I see that there is a lot of work to do for humanity and that the Froton Life Tool is a very effective way to do this work.  I can expect that some of you people can become aware of this.  I’m also concerned for those who cannot, because what you don’t see is more dangerous than what you can see.


    Is it not pretentious to say you can do something about it?


    Alone, I can do nothing – except for myself and this has already be done.  It would be pretentious if I would say that I will succeed in helping humanity.  I helped a lot of people but I’m not expecting it to go further.  I don’t know about that.  It doesn’t depend on me.  When people are grateful, I like to say that I’m only a communicator and that they have deserved for themselves every insight they have gained.

    I just suppose it’s a chame to leave my insights and knowledge limitedly used, lose them consequently and get stuck, dependent of my ego again, like I was.  I’m a communicator of a message that can be taken seriously or not.  That’s up to you.  It would also be pretentious to say that I am the inventor of a new insight.  I have only invented a Tool.  And of this I can be proud.  There is nothing pretentious about beïng proud.


    What is your message?


    The message starts by saying: wake up!  You are trapped in your own cloud of images.  Step out of it and you’ll see a different life: a life of dimensions and potentials that you hadn’t thought of.  Afterwards the message says that there is this opening that you can go through.  I know that it seems to be difficult to open this door, but it’s not in a way you can’t do it.  There is a Tool to help you and people you can trust to help you.  And then you can help others.  And so can start an epidemic of well-being.


    So, suddenly you’re optimistic?


    It’s my vision!  And I see the potential.  But I don’t know what you’re gonna do with it.  You have a free will.  I won’t force anybody or push anyone.  I’m just a communicator that has created a Tool to help you to get things clear, like what arises by studying it and by discovering the links one needs to understand if you want to resolve conflicts.  I don’t like to come into your home and sat “ here I am”.  But I like to be invited in your house.  And then, when we share the message, there is energy and happiness fills the space.


    Is the Tool right?  Is it accurate?  What does you make you think it is?


    It’s right in a way it’s not meant to be right or wrong.  Remember, the intention is to wake up, to be alert and intelligent.  And therefore investigation is needed.  And if it were the total opposite of what is true it would also be interesting to discover, as long as it does’nt condition you and as long as it brings you a independant free mind.  Off course you can have a negative point of view and criticize.  But then it’s also interesting to investigate from which conditioning this comes.  The worse that can happen is that one doesn’t want to look after who he really is.  But that all right for me also.

    Like the person that does research, one cannot criticize the good intention of seeking the truth about his experiment and being as honest as possible.  In that sense you can only choose to participate, or not if truth is not important for you.


    But what is true, what is truth?


    That’s the whole point.  Find out!  I’m not asking to believe anything.  Let’s find out together.  Or find out for yourself – with or without Froton Life Tool –  and I’m conformable to help.  Maybe the message will open your eyes and able you to look over the wall of limitations, maybe not.


    But you think it can work?


    I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t that it seems to be having the effect that it was made for.  I’m not comfortable with propaganda.  It just seems that it brings something to everyone that approaches it.  Anyone is moved by it in one way or another.  That’s why I have to conclude that it’s powerful.  Some stop at a level and others go deep into it.  Some would go to the end and will surpass me.  That would be wonderful.



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