The Team

NeuroPscience Medical Group

Eddy Van Calster
CEO of NeuroPscience
President of the NeuroPscience Medical Group

Eddy is the inventor of the patented Froton Life Tool and the author of the book “The Miracle Is Yours”.

His main objective is to share the benefit of an awakened natural potential into daily life practice. His main activity is to give workshops and courses on contenance capacity. He is coordinating the medical team and is responsible for the upbringing and training of the Froton Therapists.

As a result of his Master degree with distincton at the Brussels Medical and Farmacological Faculty and as Designed Expert at the European Commision, Eddy Van Calster is also author of the book “Gezonde Tanden in een Gezond Lichaam”.

Fabienne Vansteenkiste

Fabienne is Froton Therapist. Although it seems very close, Froton Therapy is not psychotherapy.
It’s rather a method of progressing through processing. It is based on insights and concepts that are represented by the Froton Life Tool.
For appointments, call: +32(0)27703340