NeuroPscience Medical Group

The NeuroPscience Medical Group (NMG) is specifically active in the investigation on results from different innovating approaches in order to optimize health. NMG currently explores worthy medical protocols to help people who suffer for example from chronic diseases by supporting physical and psycho-somatic aspects. This takes place at NeuroPscience with the supervision of scientists of the NeuroPscience Research Department, thus enabling scientific investigation of these innovating approaches.

One of the most successful methods is the Froton Life Tool, a totally new independent, innovating concept to everyone’s service. It’s a three-dimensional model on which all aspects of human kind is represented in a way that anyone can lay down any problem in relation to external factors and their influences.

What is Frotontherapy?

From the observation of the falcon to the capture there is just one line. This is not true for the human being: he declines spontaneously and constantly from his substantial intent, looses then a lot of his efficiency and squanders his potential for a radiant life. And at the same time for the future generations.

Frotontherapy is a decisive method to help you solve this issue. It can handle concrete problems out of daily life, social or relational items or those in relation to illness. The method is unique, very specific and well defined. It’s based on the gain of knowledge about the inherent human aspects. A study of many years gave birth tot the concept that was perfected by Eddy Van Calster and developed in the NeuroPscience context, thanks to the collaboration with the Research Department.

To learn to understand the workings of the Froton is without doubt the most thoroughgoing and most direct recourse for the analyse of misconceptions and illusions. This approach is the inevitable reference to master your professional aim, to submit actual social conflicts and to consciously control your health. During the session, we use the Froton Life Tool, a tool that represents the human being through a dimensional vision what stands in opposition to the habitual directional attitude.

During the conversations you go into interaction with the Frotontherapist and you will be guided in a unforced, free way. Though a three-steps-system you will secure insight about misconceptions and health threatening aptitudes. You can achieve then a spontaneous clarity about which deed or action is the most applicable as to your problem.

The consultation lasts for approximately one hour. The cost is €40 to €70, depending on the therapist.

You can take on Frotontherapy appointment at the following locations:


Place de la Sainte Famille, 27 Bus5

1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (near Woluwe Shopping Center)

Appointments: tel:  +32(0)2 770 33 40


Marianne Couderé

Jan Devischstraat,1A

8300 Knokke

+32(0)477 42 83 78



Fond du Hainaut, 9

5340 Gesves (near Namur)

+32(0) 81 57 03 52